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In 1989, a core group of professionals in Nylon Sandwich Belting Industries came together to establish Kapurthala Beltings, the flagship company of what is now known as the 'kapurthala Group'

The company has it's head office and works at Kapurthala, a major town of Punjab.
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The rapid rise of the group, it's stress on quality and efficiency were duly rewarded when the group Chairman Sh. J.L. Arora was honoured with national Award for Entrepreneurship for the year 1994 (SSI) by the President of India on behalf of Govt. Of India. During this span of ten years, the group has taken rapid strides to occupy center stage in Nylon Belting Industry. In addition to becoming the

largest in India, the group has established strong presence in overseas market. Effecting large scale export of Nylon Sandwich Belting for the first time in India. The group has reversed the trend of import of such belting, saving & earning valuable foreign exchange for the Country.

Initially the company started large scale production of Rubber Nylon Sandwich Belts & Rubber Transmission Beltings. In its very first full year of operations, it captured nearly 50% of the fast growing market for Rubberised Tangential Belts. There was no looking back there after as the group embarked on an ambitious path of vertical and horizontal integration.

The year 1990 saw the coming up of the facility of manufacturing uniaxially oriented polyamide sheets with high tensile strength & flexibility. It is the first unit of this kind in India and one of the few round the globe to have facilities for processing such sheets in continuous width of up to 500mm.
The year was a watershed in the short history of the group. Kapurthala HI-TECH Transbelts Pvt. Ltd. came into existence adding leather Nylon Sandwich Beltings, Condenser Tapes and Combing and Gill Box Leathers to it's product range. The group undertook major expansion of its marketing and distribution network to extend its operations from textile to paper, Steel, Engineering and other industries and Public Sector units.
In order to have better quality control, the group also ventured into the manufacture of Chrome Tanned Leather used in the production of leather Nylon Sandwich Beltings. The group now has its fully equipped leather Tanning Unit set up in late 1993 having facility for manufacture of Chrome Tanned Belting Leather, Garments leather as well as leather for Shoe uppers and for other industrial application.
Kapurthala started production of synthetic rubber aprons in 1994. It manufactures Rubbing Aprons for Carding Cards and Bobbin Machines in Woolen and Shoddy Industry and Doffing Aprons for Carding Machines in Synthetic Textile Industry.
The most recent addition to the group is Kapurthala Durastic Pvt. Ltd. for Self Adhesive Tapes for packaging and Stationary. It Specializes in multi colour, custom printed adhesive tapes in a fully automatic modern plant.
Today the group occupies the center stage in the Nylon Sandwich Belting Industry and has the widest range and highest turn over in its field. The group has also brought Synthetic spindle Tapes & Rubber Aprons into it's manufacturing operations. The wide range of products now includes :
  • Rubber Transmission Belting.
  • Leather Nylon Sandwich Flat Beltings.
  • Rubber Nylon Tangential Beltings.
  • Synthetic Spindle Tapes.
  • Synthetic Rubber Aprons for Carding Machines.
  • Condensor Tapes.
  • Heddle Belts for Circular Looms.
  • Perforated and Serrated Belts for Circular Knitting Machines.
  • Uniaxially Oriented Polyamide Sheets.
  • Chrome Leather for Beltings, Garments, Shoe Uppers etc.
  • Self Adhesive Tapes for Packaging and Stationary.


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