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   Rubber Aprons
   Rubber Transmission
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   Special Belting
   Rubber Sheets
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   Self Adhesive Tapes


  • Penetrating International Market :
The Group has opened up new avenues for the industry. Looking beyond the national boundaries, it has for the first time, achieved major success in export to various countries reversing the earlier trend of import of such products. The group is first and the only bulk exporter of Nylon Sandwich Belts in India. The initial thrust producton of Kapurthala Hi-Tech Transbelts Pvt. Ltd. is bieng exported.
  • Production Facilities:
In production, the accent has been on creating all processing facilities in house. All critical input-polyamide sheets, rubber sheets, chrome tanned leather and adhesives are processed in house allowing strict control over the quantity and quality of output. Polyamide sheets are manufactured in continuous width up to 500mm in thickness range 0.1 mm to 1.5 mm . Nylon   Sandwich Belts of different construction can be manufactured up to a maximum width of 1200mm at present. The rubber Aprons can be produced up to a width 2500mm and circumference of 1500mm.
  • Management :
The group companies are managed by a highly experienced Board of directors headed by Managing director Mr. J.L. Arora who has a long experience and remarkable efficiency in Financial management. All functional areas- Production, Finance, Marketing, Materials and R & D are managed by eminent professionals with a long experience in their respective fields.  
  • Finance :
The group thrives because of its sound financial position. A major part of the finances which have gone into fast expansion, have been internally generated. In addition, the group has easy access to large resources from banks and other financial institutions which are only too willing to finance new projects because  of past performance and sound management of group companies.
  • Marketing :
The group has an elaborate marketing network covering the entire length and breadth of the country and abroad. A combination of distributor dealer network and direct marketing to large users has proved very effective. The group has offices in major cities of India like Delhi, Surat and Ahmedabad. The network successfully caters to the requirement of Industries as Textiles, Paper, Cement, Steel, ALUMINIUM, Soap, Chemical, Engineering and others.
  • New Ventures :
The group has elaborate plans for new ventures and the following projects are under active consideration for execution in immediate future ......
  1. Timing Belts
  2. Heavy Duty Conveyors
  3. Hygienic Conveyors
There is a huge market for these products and going by past achievements the group envisages no hick-ups in getting to the center stage of these industries as well.


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