1 Grind to given Length of Joint ( 20 mm for KHST-5 & 25 mm for KHST-80) with grinding machine.
2 Clean & adjust the part of joint Knife to remove the loose particles of Rubber etc.
3 Apply a thin coat of Adhesive to skived area of both ends and allow it to dry until slightly sticky.
4 position both ends correctly in pre-heated ( at 70șc ) Press.
5 Leave Joint in press for a minimum of 3 minutes in case of SR-5 & 10 minutes in case of ST-80 under heat & Pressure.
6 Switch off power & allow the joint to cool under pressure.
Tension must not be applied before Joint is completely cool.

Light weight KHST-5 for denting and spining upto 16000rpm


High strength KHST-51 for doubling & spinning above 20000 rpm


Heavy duty KHST-80 for TFO heavy doubling, woollen & Jute frames.


That Spindle Tapes play important role in quality of yarn, productivity, and cost effectiveness has now been universally recognized. conventional Tapes suffer from a number of disadvantages. Having inherent advantages, KHT Synthetic Spindle Tapes are fast replacing conventional tapes everywhere. Detailed studies have established that initial replacement investment is negligible as compared to the cost reduction due to low energy consumption and improved efficiency.

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